Our Vision

A flood of disciples restoring marginalized and unreached communities with the Kingdom of Jesus.


Discipleship is costly. Foxes have holes, birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. Anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God. Deny yourself and take up your cross. Anyone who tries to save his life will lose it.

We believe that active preparation for the mission field, whether abroad or domestic, is a best practice during residency. Learn to trust God’s steadfast love and faithfulness now rather than later. Learn to lean into the church now rather than later. Learn to make disciples now rather than later. Learn to live cross culturally now rather than later. Learn to function as a mission team, house church and all, now rather than later. Ultimately, learn to abide during this season of residency so that you can abide during whatever future seasons God has prepared for you.

Our rally cry is “To the Need, To the Nation, For the King.” God grew our residency out of an organization with years of fruitful ministry caring for the marginalized and sending laborers to the nations.

Please explore our site and see how the framework of community, discipleship, and health care excellence leads to effective training to serve the underserved and reach the nations.

One last thing. We’ve had a wild ride. We’ve made mistakes. It’s messy. This website isn’t intended to trick you to think we have it all together. I can assure you we don’t. We like to joke about that. But we’ve yoked ourselves together to follow Jesus in storming the gates of hell. So grab your stethoscope and join in!

Program Director


MISSION-Resurrection Health is a community of Christian disciples using health strategies to restore spiritual, physical and social well being among the world’s most marginalized by developing leaders and providing compassionate care.


1. Risk-Taking Faith

2. Righting Injustice

3. Incarnational Living

4. Interdependence

5. Self-Abnegation

6. Love

7. Loyalty

8. Prayer

9. Obedience to God’s Word