We exist to glorify Jesus Christ by preparing and equipping physicians to provide full-spectrum primary care in the most difficult settings in the US, and the outer-most fringes of the world.

Rezidency Framework

Discipleship, community, and health care excellence among the marginalized create the framework of our program.



In reality, true discipleship means equipping ourselves with the full armor of God to prevail against spiritual warfare.


Our patients are our neighbors. We live in the neighborhoods where we work, building relationships with our neighbors, and helping to meet each other’s needs.


We provide excellent health care for the forgotten and marginalized, both domestically and globally. 


Clinical Curriculum

Our program is a three-year, fully integrated,
individually tailored residency program.



Medicine - 12 Weeks

OB - 8 Weeks

ICU - 4 Weeks

ED - 4 Weeks

Surgery - 8 Weeks

Peds Inpatient 4 Weeks

Peds Outpatient 4 Weeks

Cards/Launch*  4 Weeks

Behav/HSM** 4 Weeks



Adult Inpatient - 8 Weeks

OB - 8 Weeks

ICU- 4 Weeks

ED - 4 Weeks

Peds ED 4 Weeks

Pediatric Inpatient - 4 Weeks

Sports Medicine - 4 Weeks

ENT/Urology - 4 Weeks

International - 4 Weeks

Community - 4 Weeks

Elective - 4 Weeks


Medicine - 8 Weeks

OB - 8 Weeks

ED - 4 Weeks

Peds Outpatient - 4 Weeks

Sports Medicine - 4 Weeks

Gyn - 4 Weeks

Pulm/GI - 4 Weeks

International  - 4 Weeks

Launch** 4 Weeks

Elective- 8 Weeks



  • Our Community Health Rotation for our PGY2 residents helps them learn to perform a community strengths and needs assessment and follow-up as well as provides opportunities to network with community leaders and members, churches, nonprofits, and other businesses.

  • Geriatric home-visits - Every month our residents visit our geriatric patients in their homes, enabling them to assess the home environment for safety and to counsel patients on medication storage, food preparation, etc. It also provides a unique opportunity to provide truly holistic care.

  • Innovative Musculoskeletal Curriculum - We have teamed up with the largest local musculoskeletal group to provide robust musculoskeletal training including Point of Care Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, regular sporting event coverage, procedures, etc. We now host an annual MSK Point of Care Ultrasound course. We also provide a sports-med and musculoskeletal clinic in our resident clinic

  • Integrated Behavioral Health - We have a wonderful behavioral health consultant program whereby residents can consult a behavioral health consultant in clinic for a broad array of behavioral health issues from depression and anxiety to weight loss and smoking cessation and just about anything else. 

  • Busy Obstetric and ICU services

  • Surgery rotations with Rez’s own general surgery service with two wonderful general surgeons committed to resident enducation.

  • HIV and Hep C care in clinic

  • Gyn rotations w/ Rez’s own OB/Gyn team.

  • Colpo and LEEP in clinic

* Launch rotations provide set aside time to focus on strategic ministry planning

** HSM - Health Systems Mgmt. - Provides time to learn about all the different components of health center operations.


Pioneer Leaders Curriculum

Hard places are hard

Hardly anyone goes to hard places because, well … they’re hard. But someone’s gotta do it, right? We don’t fulfill the great commission without taking risks and walking by faith. We want a large percentage of our graduates to form teams and start new international or domestic Kingdom works or be bold early followers. That may sound intimidating … after all we’re doctors, not MBAs.

Trust or Bust

In reality probably 95% of it is trusting the Lord and relying on His provision. Our program has historically provided plenty of opportunity to trust the Lord through trials and tribulations. All residents have taken risks simply coming to our residency, not to mention moving into one of our neighborhoods and visiting our overseas teams. In short, so much of our residents' training to be a pioneering leader or follower comes from the daily discipleship process.

How the Curriculum Works

To augment this daily process, we have a planned Pioneer Leader Curriculum. It consists of monthly discussions led by influential and experienced Pioneer Leaders in their own right. Topics range from foundational theological discussions such as “Understanding Mission and Calling” to more sophisticated discussions on startup funds and governance.  Additionally, we have incorporated 2 Launch rotations into the curriculum. The goals of the intern Launch week are for each resident to begin with the end in mind and to become receptive to how the Lord might use them, using the Word, prayer, and Godly counsel to that end. A mentor will be selected for each intern. The goal of the PGY3 launch block is to facilitate completion of each resident’s strategic plan.

Spiritual Health Curriculum

A Spiritual Experience

True story: most of our patients think being a good person is the way to a relationship with God. Memphis is estimated to have the 5th most church buildings per capita among US cities. Yet the Good News isn’t understood. Much less in hard-to-reach regions of the world. It is important to be able to communicate the Good News clearly in various contexts. For example, here in Memphis, we spend a good deal of time storying the Bible with our patients. We spend time each discussing spiritual health topics, learning new methods and practicing, etc. We’re always looking for better ways to deliver team-based spiritual health care. Prayer works its way into just about everything we do, and there’s often a good reason to fast collectively. In short, some of the spiritual health curriculum is planned, and much of it happens organically in community.


Our primary hospital training partner, including the 555 bed Baptist-Memphis, Baptist Women’s, and Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital.




Resurrection selects residents on the basis of their preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills, and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity. Resurrection does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, color, national origin, disability, or veteran status.  As a faith-based organization, REZFMR is a community of Christian disciples living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As such, residents are expected to abide by Biblical standards of behavior.

REZFMR participates in ERAS and the Match. REZMFR only accepts applications through ERAS from those who have graduated within three years from US medical schools, and have passed step 1 and 2 CK USMLE or COMLEX. REZFMR does not currently sponsor visas.