A rotation at Rez isn’t just about quality healthcare. While that is a high priority, we are equally concerned about providing quality spiritual care to our patients; we believe they are intrinsically tied together. We also consider it a high calling to cast vision to medical students. During your rotation, you will be invested in, challenged, pushed. If you are simply looking for a rotation to check off, this probably isn’t the one for you. Did we mention we don’t have it all together? Because we don’t.Still reading? Great! It is our hope that students will leave with a broader vision for their own lives, a deepened relationship with the Lord, and more clarity about what God is calling them to.


This is a four-week rotation combining aspects of a Junior Internship and community engagement. Open spots are reserved for students most interested in applying to our program in order to experience all aspects of our residency.

Rotation Fee: $300

Available 2018 Dates:

July 30-August 24
August 27- September 21
September 24 - October 19
October 22 – November 16
November 19 – December 14


Rotation Breakdown:

1 week Inpatient Medicine

1 week OB nights

2 weeks morning clinic and afternoon discipleship/service projects




This is a two-week rotation to get you thinking about what it looks like to be a Christian doctor before you get sucked into the zeros attached to a paycheck. You will spend time working in our clinics in the morning and doing community outreach in the afternoons.

Rotation Fee: $150

Available 2018 Dates:

May 21 – June 1
June 4 – 15
July 2 – 13

Rotation Breakdown:

2 weeks morning clinic and afternoon discipleship/service projects



While rotating with Rez Health, you will stay in one of our guesthouses: the Shiloh House in Orange Mound or the Hebron House in Binghampton


Still interested?

1. Fill out an online application 

2. Send your USMLE/COMLEX score and Medical School Transcript to
    *Only required for M4s.


Guest Housing


To best accommodate the students visiting us in Memphis, we have two guest houses: the Hebron House in Binghampton and the Shiloh House in Orange Mound. Binghampton and Orange Mound are two of the inner-city neighborhoods we live and work in.  We look forward to introducing you to our communities while you are here! 

Rotation Fees: 

4 week rotation -- $300
2 week rotation -- $150.



Binghampton, often considered the heart of Memphis, is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Memphis. Located in the geographic center of the city, it is home to refugees from Kenya, Jordan, Sudan, Cambodia, Nepal, Ethiopia, and several others. This neighborhood faces problems, including: poverty, infant mortality, and under-performing public schools. Even though there are challenges, this tight-knit community is also full of opportunities and hope. Many of our staff call Binghampton home and can be found playing soccer in the park, hanging out at Caritas Village, or tutoring refugee children.


The Hebron House is run by Becky Lyle.


Orange Mound is one of the oldest African American communities in the United States. This neighborhood has a rich history, but has also been greatly affected by drugs and crime, leaving the neighborhood hurting and its schools struggling. Despite this, there is a pride in the community, which provides hope and vitality for the future. Life in the Mound is messy, but God is definitely at work.


The Shiloh House host is Lacie Schultz.