What is discipleship?

We don’t talk much about discipleship these days. It seems the most common usage is the phrase “being discipled.” Often this means that someone more mature in the faith is meeting for coffee with someone less mature and studying Scripture. In reality, true discipleship means equipping ourselves with the full armor of God to prevail against spiritual warfare. It’s casting your lot with a group of other folks who are sold out to follow Jesus wherever he leads, as we are sent into the world to make more disciples. It’s a process. It’s a hard process. Jesus actually tried to discourage curious bystanders from following him.

If a disciple falls in the forest and no one hears him, did he make a sound?

Discipleship happens within community. Our program is blessed to have a wonderful community of disciples. In fact it’s the beginning of our mission statement: “Resurrection Health is a community of Christian disciples…” As a residency program, we don’t “create” discipleship programs, but we exist within a community that is engaged in spiritual warfare. This sort of natural discipleship is one of the main pieces of the residency framework.